Our programming capabilities are as varied as the industries with which we regularly work. No matter if you need an HMI program built from scratch, or a revamp of an old PLC program, we can provide a solution for you. Let us improve your production with a custom programmed automation system, your safety and quality with a FANUC industrial robot, and your efficiency with an industrial database and SCADA system. We can also provide you with custom made Microsoft Windows applications so you can make the best use of real time process data.

Some of the machines and systems we have programmed in the past are as follows:

- Robotic Conveyor Material Handling Systems
- Stamping Presses
- Extrusion Presses
- Palletizers
- Chemical Process Control
- Servo-Controlled Flying Shears
- Cut to Length Shears
- Real Time Data Collection and Network Feeds
- Filling Lines

Not Just PLC's

PLCs are the heart of any automation scheme, but there are many more tools available to make the most out of any system. An HMI (human machine interface) can provide easy to understand and reliable control for personnel on the factory floor. A single color touch screen HMI can replace dozens of fragile pilot lights, push buttons, and switches. Let us reduce your spare parts inventory, and provide clear, concise machine control with a custom programmed HMI.

An industrial database or custom Microsoft Windows application can serve as a link between your ERP (enterprise resource plan) and your factory floor. Provide your management and support personnel with real time production data directly on their computer at their desk. Maybe you just need a better way to manage component parts on a single assembly line, or you need to integrate an entire factory with an inventory management program such as SAP. We can help you connect all these pieces to improve your overall industrial process.

Sometimes a motor only needs to spin one way, and a simple contactor can meet your needs. But sometimes you need a motor to spin two ways, start and stop with accuracy down to fractions of a degree, and all the while maintain a specified torque. These applications require the use of a VFD (variable frequency drive). We have years of experience selecting and programming VFDs to fit a variety of specific applications. Let Southlake Automation Inc. help you with your VFD or servo-motor needs.

Would you like a system that can improve your production efficiency, through-put, safety, down-time, and overhead? All these things are possible with a FANUC Robot. As an official FANUC Integrator, Southlake Automation Inc. is able to provide you with an industrial robot that can be customized to fit with your unique situation.